Danish based family company in 2 generations. APERITIF team consists of passionate women, in love with the culturally diverse heritage of printing techniques, scarves & shawls matching the Nordic climate of cold Winters & warm Summers. Art museums & hygge-based ethical-aesthetic lifestyle boutiques represent some of our main partners, caring for corporate social values. From natural textile prints in interior and clothing since the 60’s we now prioritize developing on printed woolen silk accessories, exclusively under the (T)imeless (D)esign (T)hemed brand, APERITIF Sjaler which was born 20 years ago when we expanded our Indian-Nordic roots to the landscape-textured film scene of South-French Azurre-Palmy notes of surreal beauty in dreamy blends. We strive to add a splash of rosé-nuanced touch to the minimalistic Scandic fashion of non-coloured moods, bringing some sunshine onto the sometimes grey weather storms.