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44097-A Pink Kreis, -B Orange Kreis

Graphics & Colours

Accessories, scarves & shawls in Nordic-warming prints & colours in natural blends – collaborating on design concepts within your palate of graphics.

The prints reflect the high fashion-trends in colour palettes, adjusted to Scandinavian moods with an Indian touch of softness and Southern French sunshine-palmy notes, the Apéritif-casual way.

APERITIF is running through 2 generations, working across platforms, present at the Nordic fairs since the very beginning. – The storyline is based on seasonal development, bringing Indian craftmanship together with Scandinavian Theme-boards, matching the lifestyle around “Hygge” with fresh limes during Summers & deep reds throughout the cooling seasons with reference to museum shops, design stores, fairtrade boutiques + Norwegian embassadors of sustainable living within brand relations and business philosophy, caring for the experience, bringing the little luxury into everyday life. – Form & function with a sparkling touch of elegance. – Transparency, creativity & natural fabrics are the deep-rooted values, founded in the Indian-Danish team, bringing regional technique into colour play. India today is wildly different from previous times with climate and demography-changing patterns. Hand crafted heritage is an exclusive affair, raw materials are changing structure too either with new technology or protection of limited heritage. Digital prints are blooming on a variety of fabrics. APERITIF is known for the qualities of soft-textured fibers such as wool which are specially made with a transparent touch that make the lights of hues stand out beautifully. APERITIF has a great knowledge within pashmina and cashmere – however, the goat aka Changthangi ,’Changra” is endangered and therefore the fine goat hair is a sacred heritage & highly prohibited.

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